Bonnie Welsch Bonnie Welsch

Health & Wellness Partners
  Who is Bonnie?
  Bonnie is chief operating officer and one of the founders of The HWP Group.

What does Bonnie do?
Bonnie is responsible for the implementation and execution of senior-level educational programs and the development and oversight of company-wide procedures and operations.

Why is Bonnie perfectly suited to her job?
Bonnie has many years of experience in the medical education/medical communications field. Her expertise has been gained from hands-on experience in every aspect of program management and direction, including advisory boards, speaker training meetings, slide-lecture kits, patient education programs, journal supplements, newsletters, clinical monographs, videotapes, CD-ROMs, Web-based programs and association satellite symposia. Bonnie also has extenisve experience in the implementation and management of CE accredited programs including symposia, DVD-ROMs, and journal supplements.

Bonnie has managed programs for a full range of health care specialties, including women’s health, men's health, behavioral/mental health, rheumatology, Alzheimer’s disease, pain management, diabetes and infectious diseases.

Bonnie took this program management experience to the next level, applying those skills to company operations management in her previous company and now at The HWP Group.

What drives Bonnie to work hard for a client?
Bonnie is a perfectionist. At the end of the day, every "i" is dotted, every "t" is crossed, every player is informed, and every contingency has been anticipated and planned for. It is impossible for her to do less than all of this.

Who helps her get it done?
Bonnie has groomed a staff of like-minded perfectionists who understand at every level how they fit into this well-oiled machine that keeps turning out a succession of great programs for clients.

What are her goals?
One goal is to attain the satisfaction of seeing people learn and grow under her mentorship. Another goal is to choose and shape her work environment with colleagues whom she knows, respects, admires, and can mesh with. And finally, she loves the challenge of taking abstract ideas and pulling a thousand details together into something real and tangible and excellent.