Audrey Pezzuti Audrey Pezzuti

Health & Wellness Partners
  Who is Audrey?
  Audrey is the chief information officer and one of the founders of The HWP Group.

What value-added services does Audrey deliver to clients?
An integral member of the executive management team, Audrey is responsible for overall management of the systems technology department, and the identification and implementation of cutting edge information technology for the benefit of The HWP Group clients.

Audrey is a key force in new business development. Through her well-developed and ever-increasing knowledge of the most recent advances in computer, Web, and interactive technology, she advises clients and HWP associates on the application of these advances for business benefit.

How does Audrey impact specific programs?
Audrey establishes and implements interactive Web sites and computer-interactive technology for meetings and programs conducted by HWP on behalf of its clients. Through the effective management of attendee data, Audrey identifies ideal program participants in order to meet client objectives.

Audrey also oversees Art and Production, and thus moves manuscripts and concepts through systems that turn them into finished products that can be seen and touched. She is the nexus between intellectual, artistic, and technical design, managing the creation of print pieces, Web sites, and multimedia products.

Who helps her get it done?
Audrey has recruited a talented team of designers, PowerPoint specialists, computer technicians, and printing professionals in order to deliver finished products that exceed client expectations.

What are her goals?
In her role as Chief Information Officer, Audrey seeks to be a key participant in the achievement of clients' business objectives through the creative and effective use of information technology.